Case Studies

Case studies give you real-world examples of how City personnel have used our equipment to solve building mysteries (such as cold complaints), measure and verify energy savings as a result of system retrofits, and analyze whether equipment is working properly.

Temperature Study in a Library

Staff complained of cold in a reading room in the Brooklyn Public Library. To determine if the cold spots were caused by unit heater problems, technicians borrowed temperature loggers to analyze heat coming out of ceiling cassettes relative to outdoor conditions.

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Lighting Retrofit in a College Gymnasium

Learn how (and why) CUNY BPL used 4-channel loggers and a Fluke 345 clamp meter to determine the power savings of a college gymnasium lighting retrofit, pre- and post-installation.

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Light Brightness Comparison

Light measurements to see if light levels meet established standards, and how brightness compared between different types of lights.

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We’re always looking for new stories to tell about how our equipment has helped building staff achieve their goals, large and small.

Even small projects can make great case studies!

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