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Light Brightness Comparison

Needed to understand conditions in library reading room where staff complained of cold temperatures. May have been due to unit heater problems.


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Maintenance Tips

Maintenance frequency An equipment specific checklist and maintenance log is key to having a consistent maintenance program. Sings of poor maintenance Low equipment utilization due to unscheduled stoppages. High wait or idle time for machine operators during outages. Higher than normal repair costs due to lack of lubrication, and inspections. Requirements needed for improvements Organization… Continue reading Maintenance Tips

Overheated Electrical Components

Types of problems related to overheated components A wide variety of problems in electrical equipment can be causes of overheating. Overheated components can cause issues such as: Loose Connection (When there is a look and hearing for flickering, buzzing or dimming of lights). Overloads (When there is a overuse of extension cords and multiple plugs… Continue reading Overheated Electrical Components