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Hot Wire Anemometer (STA2)

A Hot wire Anemometer built for the HVACR professional, a great tool for traversing a duct and automatically calculating CFM.

Light Brightness Comparison

Needed to understand conditions in library reading room where staff complained of cold temperatures. May have been due to unit heater problems.


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Reference Thermometer

A hand-held reference thermometer which uses current reversal, a technique used in high-end instruments to eliminate thermal EMFs, for precision temperature measurements.

Power Quality Clamp Meter

Combines the functions of a clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger and digital power meter in one device. Measures Power factor (PF), Reactive Power (VAR), Watt Hours (Wh), Kilowatt hours (kWh), AC Current, AC Voltage and more.

Flir E4 Thermal Image Camera

Small and light, use it to point-shoot-detect and obtain high quality thermal images at 80 x 60. Produces instant JPEG thermal imagery with all required temperature data.


A hand-held manometer that allows you to easily make HVAC pressure measurements. This manometer can be used with pitot probes to measure duct velocity.