Temperature Study in a Library

By Alex Mikszewski, Energy Manager, BPL

We needed to understand conditions in the library reading room where staff complained of cold temperatures. Unit heater problems were considered a likely cause along with a high infiltration rate.

Measurement Strategy

Installed a temperature data logger in the zone and measured heat temperatures coming out of ceiling cassette with the infrared thermometer. Temperatures were cooler than the rest of the library on cold days, but unit heater was heating appropriately.


Temperature Logger

The standalone temperature logger monitors temperature in indoor environments with its integrated sensor.

Infrared Thermometer

The infrared thermometer is used for taking contact-less spot measurements of surface temperature.


Temperature problems were linked to drafty windows. Advanced Energy Panels were installed in the windows at low cost to limit infiltration and as a result, complaints were reduced.

Lessons Learned

Placement of temperature data loggers in a representative area was a minor challenge but suitable locations were agreed upon with library staff.


Brooklyn Public Library


Clinton Hill Branch Library