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Temperature Sensor Tag (R150-5B10)

Battery-powered radio frequency transmitter that monitors temperature-sensitive equipment. The R150 is designed for use in a variety of environmental monitoring applications. Uses the M250 receiver.

Temperature Sensor Node Data Center HVAC
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Reader Kit for RF Code Tags (M250)

Dual-channel radio receivers tuned to 433.92 MHz. The readers are programmed, calibrated and dedicated to interpreting and reporting the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code tags.

Media Receiver Data Center HVAC
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Fluid detector tag (R135-0B50 )

A Fluid Detector Tag is a real-time liquid detection sensor that totally eliminates the need to wire or cable a data center for liquid leak detection capabilities.

Fluid Leak Sensor Node Data Center HVAC
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Differential Air Pressure Sensor (R160-0010)

Monitors and reports the differential air pressure reading between two points (e.g., above vs. below a raised floor or room vs. plenum). Tubing can be routed above/below floors, along walls, plenums or air ducts. Uses the M250 receiver.

Pressure Sensor Node Data Center HVAC