Preventative Maintenance Kit

Use this kit to establish and improve maintenance productivity at a facility.

Indoor Air Quality Media Boiler Building Envelope
Boiler Measurement Kit

Use this kit to measure the energy consumption of a facility’s boiler system used for space heating.

Energy Media Boiler
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Video Borescope Inspection Tool (BR250)

A 9mm video borescope/wireless inspection camera which allows you to capture videos and images that can be viewed on the wireless LCD monitor or transferred to your pc via a micro SD card or USB cable. Used to inspect walls for mold, electrical wire or water pipe location, inside ducts, behind motors and compressors.

Media Meter Building Envelope Electric Motors And Drives
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Reader Kit for RF Code Tags (M250)

Dual-channel radio receivers tuned to 433.92 MHz. The readers are programmed, calibrated and dedicated to interpreting and reporting the radio frequency messages emitted by RF Code tags.

Media Receiver Data Center HVAC
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Optic USB Base Station (BASE-U-4 )

A Universal Optic USB base station and couplers are used to offload data from any hobo data logger with an optic USB interface. This logger is compatible with the Hobo UA, U20, U22, U23, UTBI, U24, & U26 series.

Media Receiver HVAC Lighting
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HOBOware Pro v.3 (BHW-PRO-DLD)

A data logging software used for all HOBO data loggers and wireless data nodes. You can easily set up your application in a matter of minutes, quickly read out and plot data, and export to spreadsheets for further analysis all with an intuitive, point-and-click interface.

Media Software Boiler Cooling Tower
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Data Router (ZW-Router)

Provides connectivity with other wireless network nodes by expanding the reach of the wireless network and transmitting data from the data nodes to the data receiver. Works with ZW-RCVR, ZW-001, ZW-003, ZW-005, ZW-007, and ZW-008.

Media Receiver HVAC
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Data Receiver (ZW-RCVR)

Serves as the central hub of the wireless data mesh network. It collects and stores data, and operates as a bridge between the network and the computer software. It can also send commands to the node so the data collection methods can be easily adjusted. Works with the ZW-Router, ZW-001, ZW-003, ZW-005, ZW-006, ZW-007, and… Continue reading Data Receiver

Media Receiver HVAC