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Ultrasonic Flow Meter DXNP (DXNP-ABS-NN )

Designed for systems engineers to quickly troubleshoot problems and verify performance during system commissioning and diagnostics. Allows measurement of flows throughout the plumbing infrastructure without intrusion.

Temperature Water Flow Meter Chilled Water Loop Chiller
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Three Phase Electrical Energy Logger (Fluke 1730)

Offers a three-phase electrical energy logger used for performing energy surveys and load studies. Measures voltage, current, power and power factor. Data can be downloaded from the logger onto a USB stick.

Energy Logger Boiler Chiller
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Thermocouple Sensor (TC6-T)

A six-foot beaded thermocouple probe. This probe is Teflon-insulated and responsive over a range of -200 to 100℃ (-328 to 212℉) with an initial accuracy of +/- 1.5℃ (+/-2.7℉).

Temperature Sensor Boiler Chilled Water Loop
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Thermocouple Wire Type J (TC6-J)

Beaded Thermocouple probe includes 1.8m (6′) of insulated 30-AWG wire wound on an integrated spool caddy /subminiature connector. Color-coded for type J (black) thermocouples according to the ANSI standard.

Temperature Sensor Boiler Chilled Water Loop
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Refrigerant Leak Detector (RLD2)

Compact easy-to-use UV flashlight uncovers refrigerant leaks instantly. Use the UV light to find the leakage area, then use the laser pointer to pinpoint the exact leak location.

Fluid Leak Meter Chiller Cooling Tower
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Power Quality Clamp Meter (Fluke 345 )

Combines the functions of a clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger and digital power meter in one device. Measures Power factor (PF), Reactive Power (VAR), Watt Hours (Wh), Kilowatt hours (kWh), AC Current, AC Voltage and more.

Energy Operation Meter Boiler Chiller
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Power Quality Analyzer (Drantez Xplorer )

Capable of simultaneously capturing thousands of parameters, such as low-medium-high frequency transients through peak, waveshape, RMS difference, and adaptive high-speed sampling, as well as power measurements to clearly characterize harmonics, non-sinusoidal, and unbalanced systems.

Energy Operation Logger Boiler Chiller
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Power Quality Analyzer (Fluke 435 II )

Measures voltage, current, frequency, power, power consumption, unbalance, flicker, and harmonics in three- and single-phase power distribution systems.

Energy Operation Logger Boiler Chiller
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Power Demand Analyzer (DBEPFLEX6K-4 )

Provides advanced demand, energy, harmonics and power analysis, as well as display of phasors, scope mode, meters, harmonic spectrums, and sag/swell detection.

Energy Operation Logger Boiler Chiller