Building Energy Modeling and Analysis (BEMA)

CUNY BPL’s BEMA platform is a set of tools to aid in the exploration of building energy usage through statistical modeling, as well as to provide users with general building and portfolio information. By readily having access to this information, applying for funding for building retrofits or checking the general behavior of a building’s consumption is made easier.

Currently, BEMA has three functional features:

  1. Building Database – Search for information about specific facilities from the NYC municipal portfolio of buildings. Users can search for a specific facility, view all facilities in an agency, or view by building use type.
  2. Energy Modeling – Generate energy models for facilities where consumption is outdoor air temperature-dependent. Models can be used to verify energy efficiency project savings for IPMVP M&V Option C whole facility analysis, calculate savings between pre-retrofit and post-retrofit periods, and compare facilities to view relative performance within use types.
  3. Portfolios – Analyze energy models on a fiscal year basis for all facilities within the City’s municipal portfolio. These models and associated visualizations are used to support decision-making for the City’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.