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Hot Wire Anemometer (STA2) (Fieldpiece STA2)

A Hot wire Anemometer built for the HVACR professional, a great tool for traversing a duct and automatically calculating CFM.

Air Flow Indoor Air Quality Meter Building Envelope HVAC
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Reference Thermometer (Fluke 1523)

A hand-held reference thermometer which uses current reversal, a technique used in high-end instruments to eliminate thermal EMFs, for precision temperature measurements.

Temperature Meter HVAC
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Flir E4 Thermal Image Camera (Flir E4 Wifi)

Small and light, use it to point-shoot-detect and obtain high quality thermal images at 80 x 60. Produces instant JPEG thermal imagery with all required temperature data.

Temperature Meter Building Envelope Electric Motors And Drives
Zone Temperature Control Kit

Use this kit to determine whether under/over heating or under/over cooling is occurring at the zone.

Temperature HVAC
Solar Panel Performance Kit

Use this kit to establish a baseline performance of various solar panels at a facility.

Light Temperature Renewable Energy
Preventative Maintenance Kit

Use this kit to establish and improve maintenance productivity at a facility.

Indoor Air Quality Media Boiler Building Envelope
Secondary Chilled Water Pumps Measurement Kit

Use this kit to measure the energy consumption of retrofitted pumps in the secondary loop of a chilled water pump system with variable frequency drives (VFDs) and/or more efficient motors.

Energy Operation Chiller
Start-Up Optimization Kit

Use this kit to determine start-up time and optimize according to schedule.

Operation Relative Humidity HVAC