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Power Quality Clamp Meter (PQ2071)

Combines the functions of a clamp meter, oscilloscope, data logger and digital power meter in one device. Measures Power factor (PF), Reactive Power (VAR), Watt Hours (Wh), Kilowatt hours (kWh), AC Current, AC Voltage and more.

Energy Operation Meter Boiler Chiller
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MicroManometer (TSI-5825)

A hand-held manometer that allows you to easily make HVAC pressure measurements. This manometer can be used with pitot probes to measure duct velocity.

Air Flow Pressure Meter HVAC
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2-20 Amp mini Split-Core (T-MAG-0400-20) (T-MAG-0400-20)

A mini 20 AMP split-core AC Current Transformer (CT) is mounted around a current carrying wire to measure AC amperage. This CT provides a 0 to .333 Volt AC output proportional to current flow and is used with onset data loggers such as the (T-VER-E50B2) Power & Energy meter that integrates with loggers such as… Continue reading 2-20 Amp mini Split-Core (T-MAG-0400-20)

Energy Sensor Electric Motors And Drives HVAC
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Wifi Monitoring – RX3000 (RX3000)

A remote monitoring station that has a 10-Channel data logging system for a broad range of energy and weather monitoring applications. It can be easily configured with a wide range of plug and play smart sensors.

Air Flow Energy Sensor Node HVAC Renewable Energy
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Vibration Tester (Fluke 810)

Uses a step-by-step process to report on machine faults the first time measurements are taken, without prior measurement history. Features on-board identification and location of the most common mechanical faults (bearings, misalignment, unbalance, looseness).

Operation Meter Electric Motors And Drives
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Vibration Meter (Fluke 805)

Used for mechanical troubleshooting the overall vibration and bearing conditions of mechanical equipment. Measures overall vibration (10 Hz to 1,000 Hz) for acceleration, velocity, and displacement units for a wide variety of machines.

Operation Meter Electric Motors And Drives
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Ultrasonic Flow Meter TFX (DTFXE-FC-AKEC-NA )

Clamp-on meter that can be fitted to the outside of pipes and does not contact internal liquid. No need to shut down processes for installation or maintenance. An ideal meter for water, wastewater, and chemical industry.

Temperature Water Flow Meter Chilled Water Loop Chiller
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Ultrasonic Flow Meter PT900 (PT900 )

Clamp-on flow meter that attaches fixture transducers onto the outside of a pipe to measure flow within the pipe without cutting into the pipe or shutting down the process. A useful spot measuring flow meter for applications such as wastewater, cooling and heating water, and other liquids.

Temperature Water Flow Meter Chilled Water Loop Chiller
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Ultrasonic Flow Meter DXNP (DXNP-ABS-NN )

Designed for systems engineers to quickly troubleshoot problems and verify performance during system commissioning and diagnostics. Allows measurement of flows throughout the plumbing infrastructure without intrusion.

Temperature Water Flow Meter Chilled Water Loop Chiller
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Three Phase Electrical Energy Logger (Fluke 1730)

Offers a three-phase electrical energy logger used for performing energy surveys and load studies. Measures voltage, current, power and power factor. Data can be downloaded from the logger onto a USB stick.

Energy Logger Boiler Chiller