4-20mA Input Adapter

Model number: S-CIA-CM14

A 12 bit 4-20mA input adapter which interfaces with any sensor providing a 4-20mA signal to connect to smart sensor compatible data loggers.


  • 12-bit resolution
  • Digital filtering improves measurement accuracy with 32 readings/sample—4-20 mA adapter has 60 Hz noise rejection
  • Measurement averaging over logging interval further enhances accuracy
  • Plug-in modular connector for easy interface with HOBO® stations
  • Screw terminal for connecting to sensors
  • HOBO RX3000 and U30 stations have room for two adapters
  • Use with HOBO USB Micro Station and HOBO MicroRX Station requires Smart Sensor Consolidator Box (S-ADAPT-6) and an extension cable.
  • Represents one data input channel
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