Solar Panel Performance Kit

Use this kit to establish a baseline performance of various solar panels at a facility.

Typical Use

  • One thermocouple data logger (UX120-014M) per solar panel
  • One silicon pyranometer (S-LIB-M003) per building
  • One light sensor bracket (M-LBB) per building
  • One solar panel kit (Solar-3W) per building
  • One protective logger case (Case-4X-04) per panel
  • One Weather station (RX3000) per building
  • One sun eye shade tool (SunEye-210) per building


Measurement Period

System of Interest

Measurement Type

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on how to use this kit?

We recommend looking at the Related Guides for information on how to set-up, install, and interpret data along with measurement approaches and special considerations.