Air Handler Unit Fans Measurement Kit

Use this kit to the measure the energy consumption of retrofitted supply and return fans in air handling units (AHUs) with variable frequency drives (VFDs) and/or more efficient motors.

Typical Use

  • One power quality clamp meter (Fluke345) & Dent Logger (EXCUNC) per building
  • One Temp/RH data logger (MX2301) per building
  • One 4-channel analog logger (UX120-006M) per panel board
  • Three current sensors per panel board
  • One motor on/off logger (UX90-004) per motor


Measurement Period

System of Interest

Measurement Type

2 Kits Available

Equipment Included in Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on how to use this kit?

We recommend looking at the Related Guides for information on how to set-up, install, and interpret data along with measurement approaches and special considerations.

Can I use this kit to measure the avoided energy use associated with demand control ventillation?

No, please use the Demand Controlled Ventilation Measurement Kit for that purpose. Refer to the related M&V guide under the Resources tab for more detail and measurement approach.