Zone Temperature Control Kit

Use this kit to determine whether under/over heating or under/over cooling is occurring at the zone.

Temperature HVAC
Preventative Maintenance Kit

Use this kit to establish and improve maintenance productivity at a facility.

Indoor Air Quality Media Boiler Building Envelope
Start-Up Optimization Kit

Use this kit to determine start-up time and optimize according to schedule.

Operation Relative Humidity HVAC
Outdoor Air Damper Position Kit

Use this kit to determine outdoor air damper operation and indoor air quality during maximum load occupancy.

Indoor Air Quality Operation HVAC
Indoor Air Quality Kit

Use this kit to make an assessment of a facility’s indoor air quality.

Air Flow Indoor Air Quality HVAC
Compressor Cycling Kit

Use this kit to measure compressor cycling performance with respect to outdoor air temperature.

Operation Relative Humidity HVAC
Air Handler Unit Fans Measurement Kit

Use this kit to the measure the energy consumption of retrofitted supply and return fans in air handling units (AHUs) with variable frequency drives (VFDs) and/or more efficient motors.

Energy Operation HVAC